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Easy Riders is one of the first official companies for bike rentals and tours in Fuerteventura. For all types of people and levels. In the Canary Islands, Fuerteventura is the ideal place for road cycling and mountain biking, because of its climate, its landscape and has the title of 'Biosphere Reserve'

We have for hire professional road  bikes, Mountain bikes, Trekking bikes and bikes for children.

We also have available to the public bike  mechanics and full workshop.

Join us on our small or larger Bike Tours through the north of Fuerteventura. Discover with us the wild coastline and volcanic landshape, dried out riverbeds and large sand dunes on our Mountainbike Tours .

Experience the incredible peacefulness of Fuerteventura on our Road Bike Tours or join one of our easy going Sightbiking Tours to a 800 000 years old Lava tube in Villaverde or on the beautiful and uninhabited Island of Lobos.
Or, if you´d rather explore Fuerteventura on your own, just rent the suitable bike for your individual Discovery - Journey.
We´re always happy to help and advise you and would like to wish you a pleasant holiday on Fuerteventura.

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E-Bike Guided Tours in Fuerteventura


Each ebike adventure is tailored to your comfort. Immerse yourself into Fuerteventura’s culture, lifestyle, and international food scene with choice of tours from easy to challenging. We advise and together we make the call.

Different tours to suit all your wishes.

If you have any special request, we are happy to make that work for you, please send us email. THANKS !!

Lobos Island Day Tour


Lobos Isle is situated some 2 km northeast of Fuerteventura, separated by a stretch of water no deeper than 10 m called El Río, in the Bocaina Straits. The isle is clearly visible from Corralejo. Its coastline is dotted with waterlogged areas that form salt marshes of extreme biological importance, where several species of birds come to nest on the cliff faces of La Caldera Mountain, particularly Herring gulls and Cory shearwaters.


The island is a popular location for day trips for tourists visiting from Fuerteventura who have an interest in flora, fauna and geology. Regular boat services ferry passengers from Corralejo harbour during daylight hours. To protect the natural landscape from human impact, access is limited to restricted areas and to a series of walking trails, marked by directional signs to protect the conservation areas. The paths take visitors from the boat jetty through a varied landscape, including to the lighthouse at Punto Martino and to the top of the caldera. There is a small, sheltered sea lagoon, Playa de la Concha, with a sandy beach for bathing.


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